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Land Use Planning

Custom planning projects including comprehensive planning, park/open space planning and preparation of locally relevant zoning and subdivision ordinances.

We also provide visioning facilitation, development/subdivision review, on-site office staffing and general planning assistance.


Economic Development

 MDG, LLC. uses a variety of strategies to help communities  retain local business and diversify the local tax base with new commercial and industrial growth.  Our services range from business retention and expansion visits, grant writing, development and administration of loan funds, marketing of available sites and facilitation of economic development programs and EDAs.  

MDG, LLC. staff provides professional grant writing services to cities throughout the state.  We have a proven track record of successful grant applications with DEED, the Initiative Foundation, and other public and private entities to assist with economic development, planning and municipal operations.

GIS Mapping

Our GIS Specialist can create maps which help you visualize your plans.  

Examples of GIS include the creation of municipal

maps illustrating the national wetland inventory, public waters, trade areas, population distribution, redevelopment site, available sites, etc.

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